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 Francesca Sanguineti

Francesca Sanguineti

Interventional Cardiologist

Cardiovascular Institute Paris Sud (ICPS), Paris, FR


Dr Francesca Sanguineti is an Interventional Cardiologist at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud, Paris, FR. Born in Italy, she completed her medical studies at the University of Genoa, where she was captivated by cardiology and the swift and life-saving interventions. Under the guidance of mentors during her fellowship at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud, she committed herself to advancing cardiovascular care through minimally invasive techniques. Beyond clinical practice, Dr Sanguineti finds fulfillment in research and education. Actively participating in clinical research enables her to contribute to scientific advancements, while sharing knowledge through training programs empowers the next generation of cardiologists.

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TAVI – Is Lifetime Patient Management the Alpha to Omega of Contemporary Practice?
  • 1.00 EBAC

Learning objectives

  • Evaluate the factors influencing coronary access in different valve designs
  • Formulate strategies to optimise coronary access based on valve characteristics
  • Evaluate the role of valve design in reducing pacemaker implantation rates and enhancing future coronary access
  • Learn the step-by-step process for achieving optimum implant depth during TAVI
  • Apply guidelines and best practices for achieving and confirming optimum implant depth in TAVI procedures
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