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About Us

We bring medical education to life.

We're here to bring medical knowledge, insight and innovation to life for cardiovascular and Renal and Metabolic clinicians around the world, to help transform theory into practice faster and more effectively.

We do this by:

We only deal with the latest and best evidence. We adhere to the highest international standards of scientific research.

We work hands-on with our community. We are here to serve the knowledge needs of working clinicians around the world. We make the knowledge you need user-friendly and practical. 

We bring fresh thinking. Bringing insight and innovation to life takes imagination and energy. In our fast-changing world, where sharing knowledge effectively has never been more important. We're on a mission to find new ways of framing, new formats and platforms, new styles and structures, new ways to cut through the noise and inspire. 

Radcliffe Medical Education (RME) is a specialist provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Independent Medical Education (IME) in the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic (CVRM) space.

RME is uniquely positioned in being able to provide insight from a truly global network of CVRM opinion leaders, together with the same digital capabilities that have become a defining quality of Radcliffe Cardiology. Our educational programmes remain independent of commercial influence and are developed:

  • Independently, with qualified, scientific educators
  • Based on the educational needs of participants
  • Free from commercial bias or influence
  • With measurable outcomes in mind


RME designs digital and live programmes to suit different learning styles according to specific educational requirements.

Our programmes are developed by key opinion leaders from our network of cardiologists with our dedicated, in-house scientific team. Together, we identify and appoint relevant faculty members to deliver content that addresses genuine educational needs. 

Contact us to hear more about our CME-accredited programmes

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