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Claudio Tondo


Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Centre, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Monzino Cardiologic Centre, University of Milan


Dr Claudio Tondo is the chairman of the Heart Rhythm centre at Centro Cardiologico, University of Milan, Italy. Dr Tondo's interests range from clinical aspects of arrhythmias to genetics.

Featured Courses

Hybrid Ablation: A New Standard of Care in Long Standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation?
  • 1 EBAC

Learning objectives

  • Describe the fundamental steps in hybrid ablation
  • Recall the clinical outcomes from randomised controlled trials and real-world data supporting the use of hybrid ablation in persistent AF
  • Select ideal patient candidates for hybrid ablation
  • Consider the existing equipment and skill requirements for successful hybrid ablation
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Convergent procedure: A new approach to atrial fibrillation ablation
  • 1.00 EBAC

Learning objectives

  • After this session electrophysiologists will be able to identify the causes of sub-optimal outcomes in atrial ablation, describe the convergent procedure and appropriate patients, and outline the electrophysiologist’s role.
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Hybrid ablation: a role in AF management?
  • 1.00 EBAC

Learning objectives

  • Define the clinical value of a multidisciplinary “AF Heart Team”.
  • Analyse the scientific evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of hybrid ablation techniques.
  • Propose how to effectively implement a hybrid approach to managing AF in their clinical practice.
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