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Atul Pathak


Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France


Dr Atul Pathak is a Pharmacologist and Cardiologist. He is leading a clinical research team focusing on cardiovascular pathophysiology and clinical pharmacology and is affiliated to INSERM (National Institute of Medical Research).

Dr Pathak has been awarded by the ESC (Young Investigator Award), by the British Pharmacological Society and the French Society of Cardiology. He is also member of the French Association of Pharmacologists, the French Society of Hypertension and Cardiology, the American Society for Heart Failure. He is elected President of the Cardiovascular Pharmacology Working Group of the French Society of Cardiology. He has both academic and institutional commitments, among them participation at advisory board at AFSSAPS (French FDA) and HAS for the review of clinical trials protocol, assessment of benefit /risk ratio of drugs (marketed or under development) and medico-economic issues (regarding lipid or blood pressure lowering drugs).