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Adriaan Moelker

Interventional and Cardiovascular Radiologist

Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Since 2011,  Dr Adriaan Moelker has been head of the Section of Interventional Radiology, the largest interventional radiology practice in the Netherlands with six interventional radiologists, two neuro interventionalists, fellows and residents. Adriaan collaborates closely with the “Image Guidance in Interventions and Therapy” research theme of the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam.

This research focuses on improving image guidance by integrating pre-operative image information in the interventional situation for cardiovascular and soft tissue applications. A project with the Department of Radiotherapy concerns the comparison of stereotactic irradiation with minimally invasive chemo-embolization, and a joint research line with the Department of Gastroenterology focuses on mesenteric ischemia, particularly on the application of covered stents in atherosclerotic mesenteric arteries. A shamed controlled randomized clinical study on the endovascular treatment of patients with osteoarthritis has been initiated in collaboration with the musculoskeletal imaging research group and the department of Orthopedics and General Practice. Collaborations with other departments in the Erasmus MC and with University Medical Center Utrecht concern the care of oncology patients.

Prior to this, Dr. Adriaan Moelker earned his MD in 2000 and his PhD in 2004. Following a 4 and half year residency in Radiology, he became a staff radiologist at Erasmus MC.